"The Balkans Between East and West"

Director of the School: Prof. Jovan Donev, PhD

   This summer school intends to present to the participants another way of perception of the situation in the Balkans. The intention is to focus mainly on the eastern, western, and self images of the peoples from the Balkans, by putting a stress on the causes that maintained the stereotypes about the Balkans as a place inhabited with people who do not accept the values of the West. The courses of this School are focused on the nations and nationalism on the Balkans, mythologies and politics, rural society, the woman in the Balkan society, as well as on the methodological approach to the Balkan problems.

   Resource persons: Prof. Steven K. Batalden, Prof. Sima Cirkovic, Prof. Francous Georgeon, Prof. Caterina Garcia Segura, Prof. Leonid Gibianski, Prof. Basil C. Gounaris, Prof. Theodora Kleynska, Prof. Charles Kupchan, Prof. Paul R. Magosci, Prof. Vladinir Milcin, Prof. Ferid Muhic, Prof. Andrew Rossos, Prof. Bogdan Szajkovski, Prof. Sofia Vouri.

"St. Joakim Osogovski Summer School in Architecture"

Director of the School: Prof. Zivko Popovski, PhD

   This Summer School was realized in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture and its main focus was the architecture of the St. Joakim Osogovski Monastery.

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