"The Image of the Other: The Perception and the Representation of the Others"

Director of the School: Suzana Milevska, PhD

   The main purpose of the Summer School is to focus on the way that the members of different communities perceive and represent each others and to present various interdisciplinary methods appropriate for this research. This field is of a particular interest and relevance for the countries in the region of Balkans taking account of the fact that it is a region overwhelmed with problematic and conflict inter-ethnic and inter-gender relations.

   Resource persons: Prof.  Glenn Browman, Prof.  Elizabeth Cowie, Prof.  Kevin Robins, Prof.  Dona Kolar Panov, Prof. Aleksandar Boskovic, Prof.  Tomur Atagok, Prof.  David H. Fisher, Prof.  Ivaylo Ditchev, Prof.  Mirjana Najcevska, Prof. Peter Weinreich, Prof.  Violeta Petroska-Beska, Prof.  Georgi Stojanov, Prof.  Sarah Fowler, Prof. Goran Stefanovski, Prof.  Elizabeta Seleva.

"The Bright Side of the Balkans"

Director of the School: Prof. Jovan Donev, PhD

   The basic idea of this School is to point out the existence of the common Balkan experience, which as a result of different historical phenomena and processes, made a state of spiritual escapism with an asylum in the domain of particularities and differences.The aim of this School is to deconstruct the ideas of balkanism, as well as to think the construction of the Balkan identity as the “Other” of Europe. The debates are spreading through wide interdisciplinary spectrum, from the contemporary theories of identity through the cultural studies to the political studies and history.

   Resource persons: Prof. Sofia Vouri, Caterina Garcia Segura, Prof. Ana Lalay, Prof. Sule Kut, Prof. Obrad Savic.

"Summer School in Architecture - Architecture of Non-Places"-Summer School for undergraduate students organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, “St. Cyril and Methodius” University.

"Democracy Building and the Challenge of Difference: History, Historiographies and Politics", held in Cetinje (Montenegro, FRY) in collaboration with Transeuropeennes.

Directors of the School: Jovan Donev, PhD and Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes, PhD

   The main purpose of the Summer School is the encouragement of democratic dialogue and the reconstruction of social ties. The programme is based upon the recognition of the role played by the human sciences and culture in the forms of ethno-nationalism which have developed in the Balkans.

Resource persons: Prof.Petar Krasztev, Prof. Jacques Rupnik, Prof. Ahmed Kuyas, Prof. Bozidar Slapsak, Prof. Zvonimir Jankulovski, Prof. Andrea Peto, Prof. Antonis Liakos, Prof. Todor Cepreganov.

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