"Balkan Cultural Identities: From Multiple Antiquities to Multiplex Modernity" 

Director of the School: Prof. Elizabeta Dimitrova, PhD

   As a continuation of the summer schools in cultural studies 2002 (United People - Divided Nations. Journey Through History of Arts) and 2003 (Balkan Cultural Identities: from Multiple Antiquities to Multiplex Modernity), this project should further elaborate the already established base for interdisciplinary analysis of Balkans' cultural phenomena, their historical significance and their reflection in the contemporary cultural life of the region. Thus, the main goals of the courses comprising the program of the School dedicated to Cultural Studies, would be: to focus on the issue of the general cultural concept of the Balkan region, through analysis of the common and particular features of the cultural activities of its population; to establish critical approaches in investigation of the historical concept of the Balkans' cultural habitus, as well as to develop new, interdisciplinary curricula for studying the Balkans' cultural heritage.

Resource persons: Prof. Stasa Babic, Prof. Aleksandar Palavestra, Prof. Ida Sinkevic, Dr. Pance Velkov, Prof. Bozidar Jezernik.

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