Regional Seminar: “Evaluating International Democracy Promotion: Qualitative Research Methods for Policy Impact in the Southern Balkans 2005”

Director of the School: Prof. Keith Brown, PhD

   The school was aimed at stimulating interest and providing training in the field of empirical policy-relevant social science, and at initiating discussions on innovative forms of monitoring and evaluation. 

Resource persons: Prof. Aaron Presnell, Prof. Chip Gagnon, Prof. Gordon Crawford, Prof. Nicole Sirac, Prof. Ana Devic, Prof. Paul Stubbs, Prof. Susan Stewart, Prof. Greg Michaelidis.


Regional Seminar in Gender/Women’s Studies and European Studies 2004-2006 (Part of the ReSET Initiative of HESP-OSI, Budapest) Summer Session 2005: 

“The New European Ideas of University Education: Integrating the Cultural and Gender Identity Standpoints in Mainstream Discourses Designing the Future Academia of Europe”

Director of the Summer Session: Prof. Katerina Kolozova, PhD

Resource persons 2005: Gabriele Griffin, Svetlana Slapsak, Bozidar Slapsak.

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