“Euro-Balkan” Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities Research is an accredited self-standing higher education and scientific research institution. The Institute is focused on developing cutting edge research and postgraduate teaching interdisciplinary programs in the social sciences and humanities (particularly in the areas of gender studies, cultural studies of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe, and political studies of Southeastern Europe).

“Euro-Balkan” is accredited to organize and pursue postgraduate program for three programs:

1. Gender Studies, structured within the two main study subprograms:- Philosophy/Humanities and Gender Studies; - Sociology/Social Sciences and Gender Studies;

2. Political Studies of Southeast Europe; 

3. Cultural Studies.

The country is a signatory of the Bologna Declaration and an EU candidate country and as such has fully harmonized its Higher Education Legislation with that of the EU. The study programs are organized according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) enabling simple procedures of worldwide recognition of the diplomas acquired here. The Institute is part of the European Erasmus Charter of Higher Education institutions, under the Charter number of 257220-IC-2010-1-MK-ERASMUS-EUC-1.

Upon the successful completion of the study program in which the student is enrolled, and the successfully defended thesis, she/he can obtain the following degree:

-       M.A. in Philosophy and Gender Studies

-       M.A. in Sociology and Gender Studies

-       M.A. in Political Studies of Southeastern Europe

-       M.A. in Cultural Studies

M.A. studies are organized either within a program of 60 ECTS or of 120 ECTS (depending on the student’s number of credits earned on undergraduate level). We are encouraging in particular the potential students from the region of Southeastern Europe to submit applications since the regional perspective of the Balkans is an integral part of our curricula. Internationally renowned professors are invited as potential supervisors of theses and as teaching faculty of the Postgraduate Programs the Institute.

The philosophy of the Institute is to promote new theoretical concepts and methodological approaches in the academic community of Macedonia, as well as to insist on implementation of a problem oriented research as a defining component of each interdisciplinary approach.
Modes of studyingModel one: Studies are offered in Macedonian language (referring also to the language in which the theses will be written and defended), in duration of two/four semester program (in dependence of the years of previous graduate education of the students). Students are expected to attend the lectures and/or tutorials. Read more

Model two (recommended for foreign students):Studies are offered in English language (referring also to the language in which the theses will be written and defended), within a flexible model of study organized on the basis of intensive teaching and workshop sessions in the form of summer schools and online teaching/learning tutorials. Read more (Link do Announcement)

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