Type of Studies: First Cycle Education (undergraduate)

Years of Study:  3 (6 semesters)

ECTS Credits: 180

Title given after successful graduation: Bachelor of Cultural Studies


Cultural Studies is an academic discipline that investigates the cultural phenomena in different societies by engaging an interdisciplinary approach, that is, mixing in its method the perspectives of arts, politics, history, the theory of literature, philosophy… Cultural Studies make a deep analysis of culture and the way it is changing under various social conditions, the mutual influences of cultural phenomena and the different power relations, by investigating its key issues – the questions of identity, globalization, cultural history. Although this programme is meant to cover a wider spectrum of problems, the emphasis is on the region of South-Eastern Europe.

By completing the studies and defending a diploma work, students obtain the title


The obtained knowledge make possible a wide perspective for career advancement and job positioning in many areas that demand comprehensive knowledge in culture, such as media, communications, public relations, cultural heritage, tourism, the international, urban, and regional development, as well as the public sector, and also the independent cultural and educational institutions and non-governmental organizations. Students could decide to continue their education in the same area by following the Second Cycle Education programme (the graduate programme) in the Institute.

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