- For students aspiring for M.A. in Philosophy and Gender (Humanities and Gender Subprogram)

- For students aspiring for M.A. in Sociology and Gender (Social Sciences and Gender Subprogram)

M.A. studies are organized in two models:

Model 1. As a two or three semester program of studies in Macedonian language, plus a semester for preparation of thesis (in dependence of the number of credits obtained in the previous study circles). 

Model 2. For foreign students studies are organized in English language (referring also to the language in which the theses will be written and defended), within the flexible model of study organized on the basis of intensive master courses (summer schools) and online teaching/learning tutorials. We are inviting potential students from the region of Southeastern Europe to submit their applications, considering that the regional perspective of the Balkans is an integral part of our curricula.   Internationally renowned professors are invited as potential supervisors of theses and as teaching faculty of the Postgraduate Program in Gender Studies of Euro-Balkan Institute, Skopje.

About the Context: The country is signatory of the Bologna Declaration and a EU candidate country and as such has fully harmonized its Higher Education Legislation with that of the EU. The study programs are organized according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) enabling simple procedures of worldwide recognition of the diplomas acquired here. 

About the Department for Studies Center: See (Department of Gender Studies and Ohrid Summer University), and 

In order to apply, you should submit:

- A copy of your BA diploma 

- CV, including a list of publications (if any)

- 1000 words position paper (expressing the applicants personal research interests, favored methods, and understanding of the cultural context in which the problem of gender is studied)Applications should be submitted via email or, or via regular mail to: “Euro-Balkan” Institute, No. 63, "Partizanski odredi" Blvd., 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 

Price of the entire study cycle (on both, MA and Ph.D. level) is 1350 euro, and is paid in four phases (per semester and upon the defense of thesis). The accomodation for the summer schools (Model 2) is payed by the students.

Open Call for Applications for Academic Year 2011/2012 (link do Call for Applications)

List of modules here





"The Open Seminar: Some Current Questions of the Contemporary Feminist Thought ", with Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux, François Lissarague, Michaela Mudure, Alisa del Re, et al., 1 November - 6 December 1999

Seminar with Judith Butler: "Crisis of the Subject: Rethinking/Deconstructing the Notion of Unitary Subject", 11-14 May 2000 here  

Symposium - "Strategies for the Gender/Women's Studies in Southeastern Europe: The Macedonian Case", 4-5 December 2000 here  

Seminar with Judith Halberstam: "Rethinking the Concepts of Masculinities from the Contemporary Gender Studies Perspective", 13-14 September 2001 here  

Seminar with Francois Laruelle: "Introduction into Non-Philosophy", 2-4 April 2002 here 

Workshop with Svetlana Slapsak and Elizabeta Seleva "Curriculum Development for the Gender Studies in Southeastern Europe", - 23-25 March 2002 

Seminar: "Theory and Praxis of Feminism and Psychoanalysis: Gender in the Politics of the Clinic",

Lecturers: Miglena Nikolchina PhD, Alenka Zupancic PhD, Stanislav Petkovski PhD, Diana Belevska PhD, Vladimir Ortakov PhD, Biljana Koprova PhD, 31 January-1 February 2002 here 

"Women's Oral History: Biography and Narrative", Short Course,Lecturer: Dr Andrea Peto ELTE, Ethnic and Minority Studies, University of MiskolcOctober 30th - November 2nd, 2002 here

Regional Seminar in Gender/Women's Studies and European Studies 2004-2006 - “Gender and Women’s Studies in Southeastern Europe: Rethinking Ideologies and Strategies of their European Integration”. here 

Regional Conference: Strategies for Gender/Women's Studies in SEE, February 5-8th, 2004 Ohrid here 



- Ohrid Summer University (OSU) here 

"Critical Debates in Contemporary Philosophy ", 9-31 June 2002, Summer school in philosophy for young faculty from Eastern and Central Europe, part of (international) Ohrid Summer University here

"Reading the Balkan Subject and Its Genders ", 10-30 June 2001, Summer school in gender studies for young faculty from Eastern and Central Europe, part of the (international) Ohrid Summer University here

"The Face of the Other", 1-21 July 2000, Summer school for young faculty from Eastern and Central Europe, part of the (international) Ohrid Summer University here



Trafficking in Human Beings: Analysis of Definitions, Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research, Skopje, 19th of January 2004 

Women’s Human Rights And Trafficking In Human Beings: Concerns Of Modern Slavery, South East European University, Tetovo, 15th of December 2003 Gender Perspective of Trafficking in Human Beings, October 2003 - March 2004 

Possible Strategies for Fighting Trafficking in Women and Sexual Exploitation of Women, Faculty of Philosophy, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, 27th of February 2004 

Gender Perspective in Building (Implementation and Promotion) the National Strategy for Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings, 2005 here



IDENTITIES: International Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture (published semiannually, bilingually, Macedonian and English, German or French, reviews in Macedonian and Albanian) here

Conversations with Judith Butler: Proceedings form the seminar "Crisis of the Subject", held in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia 11-14th May 2000. Published 2001, ed. Katerina Kolozova and Zarko Trajanoski, published bilingually 

The Real and "I": On the Limit and the Self, Katerina Kolozova 

Women’s Side of the Story: Personal Narratives about the Macedonian Crisis 2001, Aleksandra Bubevska and Mirushe Hoxha (in Macedonian, Albanian and English language) 

The Exodus of the Macedonians from Greece: Women's narratives about WWII and their Exodus, by Lidija Stojanovic-Lafazanovska and Ermis Lafazanovski, Euro-Balkan Institute, 2002. (Separate publications in Macedonian and English) 

Collection: "Gender Perspective of Trafficking in Human Beings", ed. Bobi Bardareski and Dragana Karovska 

Collection of research projects in the area of Gender studies, Vol 1, ed. Katerina Kolozova (in Macedonian) 

Collection of research projects in the area of Gender studies, Vol 2/3, ed. Katerina Kolozova (in Macedonian) 

Directory of Women's groups in Macedonia (printed and electronic form)

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