Regarding the basic idea to offer unbiased and academically correct approach in addressing variety of different topics through innovative ways of curriculum development and application of new educational methodologies, OSU has established the following goals:

- Offering new and up-to-date academic contents and approach; 

- Introducing the values of democracy and citizen's responsibility;  

- Establishing international alumni; 

- Providing links with the universities from all over the world as an access to international knowledge; 

- Securing effective and efficient academic program that aims at the renewal of the existing curricula in the field of social sciences and humanities; 

- Improving the teaching and research skills of young faculty staff; 

- Serving as a forum for an on-going open discourse over current political, social, cultural and educational issues; 

- Creating a scope for regional cooperation and establishing links between academic communities from the Region and beyond; 

- Securing a productive location where scientific elite can communicate and exemplify their options about the relevant social events; 

- Creating an open forum for communication and exchange ideas about the curriculum development and new educational methodologies.

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