Studies of Southeastern Europe are focused on issues from the area of political sciences, the example of which is the question of complex interactions between the states and the communities in the region of the Balkans from the perspective of democracy, security and power relations in the international relation.

Faculty that offers modules in the framework of the program: Prof. Jovan Donev, Ph.D., Prof. Zvonimir Jankulovski, Ph.D., Prof. Despina Angelovska, Ph.D., Prof. Mitko Panov, Ph.D., Prof. Vesna Matijasevic Pokupec Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Sofija Grandakovska, Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Aleksandar Kolekeski, Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Jordanka Geleva, Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Bosko Karadza, Assistant Prof. Maja Muhikj Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Rubin Zemon Ph.D.

1. Studies of Southeastern Europe - one year / List of modules 2013 here

2. Studies of Southeastern Europe - two years / List of modules 2013 here

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