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5th   International Conference “Ohrid –Vodici, 2017”

Call for papers

Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropology of Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia

on partnership with

MIRAS- Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Baku, Azerbaijan


Selçuk University

Research Center for Turkish Handicrafts



Faculty of Philosophy South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Bulgaria

5th   International Conference

“Ohrid –Vodici, 2017”

- Ohrid, 17-19 January 2017




We are living in a “Runaway World” and “Liquid Modernity”. The Globalization is accelerating intensive increase of trans-global and supra-territorial connections in a last fifty years. From a perspective of social continuity and social changes, a last half-century of intensive globalization represent itself with important reconfiguration of geography, economy, state configuration, identity and knowledge, even that territoriality older forms of capital- state, nation and modern rationality greatly are still present in contemporary world. Issues of cultural diversity recognition and managing, intercultural communication have become more and more prominent in the public life, but until relatively recently, little had been researched and written on these issues, and even now, many states, institution, organizational managers etc., have no strategy or plan how to deal with managing of racial, ethnic, religious, or cultural diversity, with communication problems, even though most living places and workplaces are inhabited and staffed by people of diverse cultures and identities.

Indeed, in contrast to global economic interdependency and modernization, political, ethnic and religious trends often move in opposite direction. Ethnic separatist movements often divide people, making the promotion of national goals difficult. Religious fundamentalist movements often result from the rapid modernization processes that are perceived as eroding traditional cultural and religious beliefs, sometimes resulting in terrorism.

Our idea for this conference is based on collecting of scholars and expert that are making comprehensive and inter-disciplinary advance studies and researching on these trends, which may help to improve the understanding of both local aspiration and global processes.



We invite scholars, PhD and MA students, researchers and practitioners in anthropology/ethnology, political science, economy, tourism sciences, media, archaeology, history, art, history of art, philology, literature, folklore, ethnomusicology, architecture, museology, archiving, audio-visual arts, information sciences/ technologies, geography, sociology, psychology and all related fields to submit papers on any topic related to conference theme. Papers may reflect on a wide spectrum of issues related to cultural heritage, economy, tourism, media, cultural identities, terrorism, migration, refugees etc.



Prof. Rubin Zemon Ph.D. Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Director

Prof. GafarJabiyev Ph.D., National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

Prof. Mustafa ŞAHİN, Ph.D. Selçuk University Rector

Assoc. Prof. FarizKhalili Ph.D. (MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage) Baku, Azerbaijan

Prof. Dr. DragorZareski Ph.D. Euro-BalkanUniversity, acting Rector



Assoc. Prof. Rubin Zemon Ph.D. (Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropoly) Skopje, Macedonia

Asst. Prof. SamoilMalcheski Ph.D. (Euro-Balkan University), Skopje, Macedonia

Prof. Osman Kunduracı Ph.D. (SelçukUnviversity), Konya, Turkey

Assoc. Prof. FarizKhalili Ph.D. (MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage) Baku, Azerbaijan

EvgenyKozhokin, (Moscow Institute of International Relations), Moscow, Russia

Marcel Courtiade Ph.D. (INALCO- Paris), Paris, France

Margarita Karamihova Ph.D. (University Ss. Cyril and Methodius), VelikoTrnovo, Bulgaria

Jasminka Simic Ph.D. (Radio-Television of Serbia), Belgrade, Serbia

Armanda KodraHysa Ph.D. (Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art’s Studies) Tirana, Albania

AhmetAytaçPh.D., Selçuk Unviversity, Konya, Turkey

KubilayAkman, Usak Univeristy, Usak Turkey

VelikaStojkovaSerafimovska Ph.D., Institute for Folklore "Marko Cepenkov", Skopje, Macedonia

NadzyeaCherepan Ph.D. candidate(European Humanities University), Vilnius, Lithuania

Meli Shopi Ph.D. (University of Elbasan), Elbasan, Albania

Dejan Metodijeski Ph.D. (University GoceDelchev, Stip), Skopje, Macedonia

Prof. Boris Manov Ph.D (Faculty of Philosophy South-West University “Neofit Rilski”), Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria



Asst. Prof. Samoil Malcheski Ph.D. (Euro-Balkan University), Skopje, Macedonia

Osman Kunduracı Ph.D. (SelçukUnviversity), Konya, Turkey

Aida Malikova, (MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage) Baku, Azerbaijan

Ahmet Aytaç Ph.D. (Selçuk Unviversity), Konya, Turkey

Verica Dzijanoska, (Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropoly) Skopje, Macedonia

YaşarErdemir Ph.D. (SelçukUnviversity), Konya, Turkey

Denis Himci Ph.D. . (University of Elbasan), Elbasan, Albania

Shola Bayramova M.Sc.,Baku, Azerbaijan

HakanKuyumcu Ph.D. (SelçukUnviversity), Konya, Turkey

Simona Josifoska M.Sc. (Euro-Balkan University), Skopje, Macedonia

Igor Panev M.Sc. (Euro-Balkan University) Skopje, Macedonia

Prof. Valentina Milenkova PhD, (Faculty of Philosophy South-West University “Neofit Rilski”), Bulgaria



Kubra Aliyeva Ph.D. (National Academy of SciencesofAzerbaijan)

Ahmet Dalkıran Ph.D.  (Selçuk University, Turkey)

Ahmet Aytaç Ph.D. (Selçuk University, Turkey)

VugarGuliyev (Heritage, Azerbaijan)

ŞerifeYıldızPh.D. (Selçuk University, Turkey)

MemmedRahimov (Heritage, Azerbaijan)

Nana Janashia Ph.D. (TphilisensisÜniversitesi, Gürcistan)

Fatma Mooen Ph.D. (JamiaMilliaIslamia University, India)

Oğuz Yurttadur Ph.D. (Selçuk University, Turkey)

Roza Sultanova Ph.D. (Kazan Art Institute, Russia)

Dimitry Köroğlu (Painter, Moldova)

Dimitry Ayoglu (Painter, Moldova)


Deadline for Application: 14 December 2016

Notification of Acceptance Decisions: 21 December 2016

Registration: 9 January 2017

Conference: 17-19 January 2017



The Conference is open to individual submissions for papers and proposals for panels. All applications for papers and panels must be sent to the e-mail: conference@iscanthro.org, by 14 December 2016. The papers accepted upon the assessment of the Program Board will be notified via email by 21 December 2016. Application for papers should content:


• Title of the paper/panel or poster

• Abstract (in English only) not more than 300 words for individual papers, including the main argument and conclusions

• Abstract (in English only) not more than 500 words for panel proposals, including abstracts of panel papers

• Name and title of the author/s of the paper

• Short bio of the author(s) of the paper, not more than one paragraph

• E-mail address, telephone and fax numbers of the author(s) of the paper.

• Size for poster has to be 50x75

*It can be applied with one work to the “Arts” exhibition which will be opened within conference (the exhibition special conditions for those whose works accepted after board evaluation and who will not join by person but will send work:- any resulting damage or loss of cargo and during exhibition the responsibility belongs to the participant - paintings, photographs, etc. works will be without glass, frameless, without cabinet and short side will be 40 cm long side shall not be bigger than 60 cm – The original work should be sent, will not be accepted for color output, etc. - in three - dimensional work, such as china plates should not exceed 20 cm in height and width - textile jobs in thickness and weight should not be much and must be foldable).


Conference language is both Macedonian and English. Turkish and Albanian language may to be use but with provided translation from the participants.



All registered participants will be presented a certificate of attendance at the end of the conference.



All abstracts accepted to the Conference will be published as a conference booklet.



The conference will be held in Ohrid, Macedonia. Information about the exact premises will be given lather.



Conference will begin on 17 January 2017 and end on 19 January 2017.


On 17 January 2017, publication (Conference proceedings) from the 4th Conference of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Media will be promoted and disseminated.



There are 2 types of conference fees:

1. Standard type of fee for amount of EUR 130

Standard conference fee include: accommodation for 2 nights (Bad & Breakfast), registration, conference materials (booklet of abstracts), welcome reception, lunch and dinner, snacks, Conference proceedings (publication of peer-viewed papers).

2. Reduced type of fee for amount of EUR 60

Reduced conference fee include: Registration, conference materials (booklet of abstracts), welcome reception, snacks and conference proceedings (publication of peer-viewed papers).


Fee for posters is 30 EUR.



Accommodation costs will be covered by the participants. Organizing committee will organize accommodation and will cover accommodation costs for participants that will choose Standard type of registration fee. Detailed information on accommodation will be provided to the participants after their abstracts are accepted.



Participants will be responsible for paying their travel expenses.







The Conference website will be updated regularly for the participants and attendants.




Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropology of Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia

e-mail: conference@iscanthro.org

Contact persons:

Rubin Zemon Ph.D. - chair of the Program Board


Samoil Malcheski Ph.D. – Chair of the Organizing Committee



Contact for Turkey:

Ahmet Aytaç



Contact for Azerbaijan:


Contact for Bulgaria:


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