04-08-2017 17:58

interview Prof. Kubilay Akman

Professor Akman, You are one of the lecturers at the Summer School for Global Security organized by the Euro-Balkan University. What will be the main emphasis in your presentation? 

Security is a social institution and needs to be analyzed from a sociological perspective. Unfortunately security studies sometimes miss social aspects of security field. In our lecture we are going to emphasize sociological dimensions of security challenges in global society. We will focus both theoretical points and practicals examples as well in interrelations to other social institutions. 


Your topic is titled Sociology of Security in Global Age ... but alsoyou are a good connoisseur of current political and social movements in the Balkan countries. How is it possible to predict the security challenges in dynamic globalization?

The Balkans have a great importance for human history and the future of humanity. In terms of security challenges Balkan authorities should be more open to understand and evaluate possible risks and create effective responses. Balkan countries' collaboration with Turkey is very important for all parties. Powerful countermeasures against security threats can be performed together. 


How do you appreciate your experience of the current cooperation with the Euro - Balkan University,and what kind of expectations do you have from the upcoming Summer School in Ohrid?

Euro-Balkan University has an impressive academic vision and promising scientific projects and activities for Southeast Europe. The Summer School for Global Security Studies has already attracted attention of academic authorities in this field globally. The academic staff is highly skilled and we belive that this school will be evolved naturally towards a post-graduate program.





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