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Publishing house Euro-Balkan press was established in year 2001 in Skopje, as a complementary to the research and educational activities of “Euro-Balkan” Institute. Euro-Balkan press is committed to providing high-quality translations of relevant titles from the areas of social sciences and humanities, essential for the new generations of young researchers who work on their master and Ph.D. theses at the higher education institutions in Macedonia, including “Euro-Balkan” Institute.

Editions “Crossroads” and “Dionysius” features titles that thus far have not been translated in Macedonian. “Crossroads” edition promote titles by most influential contemporary American and European authors form the areas of anthropology, history, religion, philosophy, politics, economy and ethnology. “Dionysius” mainly includes translations of antic tragedies and comedies, significant modern titles from the area of theatrology, and titles from the area of gender studies.   

In year 2003, Euro-Balkan press was awarded a prize for best cover design by the Foundation “Open Society Institute – Macedonia,” for the book “Балканот” by Mark Mazower.

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