Cultural studies is academic discipline grounded in the beginning of the ’60 of the XX century incited by the phenomena of contemporary culture. The postgraduate Cultural studies’ at the Euro-Balkan Institute goal is to study the cultural phenomena in different societies and is founded on interdisciplinary approach which combines critical theory, cultural geography, literary theory, political economy, communication studies, Media theory, sociology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, museum studies and history of art.  
The postgraduate Cultural studies focuses on the relations between cultural phenomena and power apparatuses, investigating the contemporary changes in culture deriving from various social conditions and the complexity of communication strategies and models of representation. Particular emphasis in the study program, the seminaries, workshops and discussion in the frames of the Studies is put on the investigation of the above elaborated problems and phenomena in the context of SEE and the Balkans. By these means the postgraduate Cultural studies programs aims at creating situated and context sensitive knowledge that would contest and reexamine, from a local perspective, the dominant models of knowledge and theory.  
The Cultural Studies at the Euro-Balkan institute target the profound meaning of culture in regards to identity, globalization, urban culture, but includes cultural histories research as well. Lectures include the subjects of contemporary cultural theories, art history and visual art in the Balkans, anthropology, contemporary art and curatorial practices, postcolonial critique, new media and communications, biopolitics etc. The Studies provide and international perspective in the studying of high, as well as popular culture.

Head of the study program is Ass. Prof. PhD Ivanka Apostolova.
Coordinator of the study program is 

In the frames of the study program, modules are offered by: Ass. Prof. PhD. Ivanka Apostolova, Prof. PhD Vesna Matjasevic Pokupec, Ass. Prof. PhD. Bosko Karadzov, Ass. Prof. Dr. Vangel Nonevski, Prof. PhD. Pance Velkov, Prof. PhD. Maja Angelovska Panova, Prof. PhD. Rubin Zemon, Ass. Prof. PhD. Maja Muhik.  
Collaborators of the modules/study program are: M.A. Slavco Dimitrov, M.A. Jordan Sisovski, M.A. Jane Calovski, M.A. Metodi Cilimanov, M.A. Dusica Dimitrovska, М.А. Marina Mijakovska, Velimir Zernovski.

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2. Cultural studies - two years / List of modules 2014 here

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