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Разговори со Џудит Батлер: Записи од семинарот „Криза на Субјектот“

"Разговори со Џудит Батлер" : Записи од семинарот "Криза на субјектот" Охрид 1-14 мај 2000 "Разговори со Џудит Батлер" : Записи од семинарот "Криза на субјектот" Охрид 1-14 мај 2000
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Женската страна на приказната: лични приказни за кризата во Македонија 2001

Oral history is a method of the small and personal narratives, of individual accounts over which the Grand narratives refract, creating an entirely different, unique, unrepeatable and intimate picture of a given historical period or event...
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Егзодусот на Македонците од Грција

Усната историја на егзодусот, што ја раскажуваат жените преку своите автобиографии, ни открива една сосем поинаква слика за светот, поинаква слика на моќта, деконцентрирана или децентрализирана од машката, една сила која што дејствува самостојно, субјективно и како таква се бори со грозотиите на егзодусот....
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The Real and “I”

The book attempts to re-introduce the ostracized names and/or realities of the “One,” the“ Real” or the “Universal” into the contemporary feminist discourses on subjectivity...
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The Lived Revolution

The book explores the themes of a) “radical concepts” in politics (inspired by François Laruelle’s “non-Marxism” and “non-philosophy,” developed in accordance with Badiouan and Žižekian “realism”); b) politically relevant and applicable epistemologies of “Thought’s Correlating with the Real” (Laruelle)...
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The Jews from Macedonia and the Holocaust: History, Theory, Culture

The comparative study “The Jews from Macedonia and the Holocaust: History, Theory and Culture” edited with a foreword by Sofija Grandakovska (Skopje: Euro Balkan Press, 2011) introduces a polemic on the code of the Jewish narrative and its rhetoric, focused on the Jews from Macedonia, with this group being targeted by the Nazi’s for the Final Solution in Europe during the Holocaust. The prism of interdisciplinary and intertextual approach, and within the broader understanding of the term holocaust, the excerption of the Jewish question and its “special treatment” within the Nazi plan and the Second World War, provided our subject of discussion, through its central axis - the Holocaust, to penetrate, most expectedly, into two other broader frames with chronological portent: pre-Holocaust and post-Holocaust theoretic thought.
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Hieroglyphs of Jealousy

"When we relate love to jealousy and jealousy to love, we should be aware that there is a constant wish, or even desire, to “save” love from jealousy. Moreover, that the notion of jealousy has negative connotations: that jealousy is something that can wound the other;
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