The University for Social Sciences and Humanities “Euro-Balkan” is a fully accredited higher education institution committed to the strengthening of academic excellence in scientific research, in under-graduate and post-graduate education. Starting from multiple new perspectives for the Macedonian academic community, the University “Euro-Balkan” promotes rare interdisciplinary access to the study and investigation of complex issues that Macedonia and the region are faced with. The University is oriented towards the development of most contemporary programs for scientific research and interdisciplinary learning in social sciences and humanities, especially in the areas of Cultural Studies of the Balkans, Social Anthropology, Gender Studies, Byzantium studies and Political Studies of South-East Europe.

Team of “Euro-Balkan” University

Chairman of the Board
Kadir Salih

Director of the University
Dr. Rubin Zemon

acting Rector
Prof. Dr. Dragor Zarevski 

Technical Director
МА Igor Panev 


Director of the Institute

President of the Founding Assembly

Centre for Continuing Education
, Manager

International Office and Collaboration (Erasmus, Ceepus)
, coordinator
Mr. Igor Panev, asistent

Department for Undergraduate Studies (new website - under construction)

Departments for Postgraduate Studies:
Prof. Dr. Mitko Panov, Rector

Department of Southeastern Europe Studies
, Coordinator of Department

Department of Cultural Studies
 Head of Department
Ma. Dragana Broz, Project Coordinator
Velimir Zernovski, Project Coordinator

Department of Byzantium Studies
, Coordinator of Department

Department of Gender Studies
,  Head of Department
, Coordinator of Department

Professors (employed and external collaborators):

Assistants (employed and external collaborators):


Centre of Gender studies
, Head of Centre
, scientific researcher
, scientific researcher

Centre of Contemporary Political Thoughts
, Head of Centre
, scientific  researcher

Centre of Visual and Cultural Researches
, Head of Centre
, scientific researcher
, scientific researcher

Centre of Byzantium Studies
Mitko Panov, Head of Centre
, scientific researcher

Ohrid Summer University

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