Striving to accomplish the established goals, OSU engages in the following priority concerns:

- Promotion of multicultural understanding and development; 

- Promotion of cross-border and regional cooperation as well as exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences; 

- Capacity supporting and capacity building of the university staff and higher education institutions in the Region;

- Promote the prevention, as well as amicable settlement of disputes; 

- Encouraging regional dialogue; 

- Reinforcing regional mobility through integration with international institutions of higher education; 

- Encouraging critical thinking; 

- Fostering academic and individual freedom; 

- Fostering the spirit of mutuality, tolerance, cooperation, and solidarity; 

- Strengthening the role and the contribution of NGO's and other organizations and associations in the educational reform; 

- Networking for broader European cooperation; 

- Halting of the on-going brain-drain process by stimulating the young teaching staff to continue their careers at the Universities in the Region.  

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