Born in 1998, Ohrid Summer University is an academic program for young faculty, PhD candidates, postgraduates, researchers and professionals, which offers intensive, problem oriented and research based courses from the domain of social sciences and humanities. Initiated as a result of the efforts to promote a new, alternative approach in higher education, OSU acts as an educational forum for an open intellectual debate, bringing theoretical investigation and teaching practice, placing together interdisciplinary methodologies and international academic achievements, and providing effective opportunities for educational development of the new generation faculty of different geographical, cultural and ethnic background. 

   Each year hosting up to 100 participants from the countries of Central, Eastern, Southeastern Europe and NIS, who attend the Summer Schools' program, and engaging the most prominent professors in appropriate disciplines from the Universities around the globe, OSU has established an international academic cooperation, creating a network of continuous and productive collaboration. Encouraging renewal of the current curricula and syllabi, through creative restructuring of the contents, as well as application of innovative teaching methods and techniques, OSU promotes the establishment of efficient academic curriculum, in line with the recognized standards of international university institutions.  

   During the fifteen years-long period of its existence, through organization of the Summer Schools' program, OSU has engaged itself in: adequate and effective training of the academic staff, demonstration of successful linkage of state-of-the-art scholarship and effective and innovative teaching, promotion of academic excellence and ability to facilitate creation and sustenance of active networks of academics, as well as collaborative advancement of learning in certain disciplines within the international context.

   Located in the city of Ohrid, the centuries-long cultural metropolis of the Balkan region, OSU encompasses a variety of social and cultural events, provides appropriate locations for outdoor classes and includes educative excursions to the famous archaeological sites and cultural monuments, situated on the shores of the Ohrid Lake. 

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