Institute (1999) / University (2012) for Social Sciences and Humanities Research “Euro-Balkan” is scientific institution, certificated by the Ministry for Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia (Decision No. 33 on the incorporation in the Registry of academic and research institutions) and by the Accreditation Board for Higher Education to deliver Graduate and Postgraduate Programs.

The activities of the Institute (1999) / University (2012) are structured through the following organizational units:

Sector for Education
Research and Applied Policy Sector
Division of Administrative and Legal Issues

1. The Sector for Education is comprised of:

1. Center for Higher Education – studies of second cycle with the following Departments:
• Department of Gender Studies
• Department of Political Studies of South-Eastern Europe
• Department for Cultural Studies
• Department for Byzantine Studies
• Ohrid Summer University
• Library Department

Studies of first cycle with the following Faculties - (Starting from 2012/2013):
• Faculty of Cultural Studies
• Faculty of Social Anthropology
• Faculty of Political Studies of South-Eastern Europe
• School of Fashion Design

The Ohrid Summer University and the Library Department function as separate programs.

1.2. Adult Education Center

1.Research and Applied Policy Sector is comprised of the following organizational units:
•Center for Gender Studies
•Center for Contemporary Political Thought
•Center for Visual and Cultural Research
•Center for Byzantine Studies
•Electronic News Archive with a library
• International Theatre Institute – Macedonian Centre
Most of the people employed at the Institute / University are graduate students, holders of MA and PhD.
Important part of the Institute’s / University `s mission is to consistently implement the standards of academic quality and critical thought, thus contributing towards creation of new generation of young faculty, with competences to transform the national and regional scientific and educational reality by integrating it to contemporary European standards.

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